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agnostic in this process and execute the order itself. the elected sheriff me and we colleagues across the country have discretion to delay an eviction if there is insufficient information about those potentially being evicted or if they're from a sensitive class meaning elderly or disabled, those suffering from illness and that has to be resolved in the court process but what i am noticing though based on my personal intervention is while the housing crisis may seem to be waning a bit nationally speaking the eviction crisis is not and especially evictions resulting from foreclosures and while san francisco is still in an economic bubble onto itself unlike most of the counter parts in california or the united states indicators do concern -- or what indicators there are and they're limited because the city is not used to keeping data on this level but on anecdotal evidence what we were able to create thanks to my predecessor and one we're trying to build on is the eviction assistance unit and before that we scout and assist the potential evictee in seek alternative housing or being abl
. >> >> and it started during the last election cycle certain candidates started promoting the condo conversion give away and i backtrack. it was -- it fueled uptake in the speculative evictions and i think it needs to stop and i think the people promoting it need to be held accountable for their actions. one of the things that we do measure at the housing alliance is we measure people's sense of belonging in their neighborhoods and their homes and i think that is -- the way of quantifying a sense of blonning. do people have a right to feel they belong? do people have the right to feel safe in their neighborhoods and their homes? and i think if we can start as a city start measuring what it feels like to exist in different types of housing, different types of programs, i think that will be a nice complement to leaders decision making capacities. hud requires the city every five years develop what is erm impediment to housing and they finished this cycle and they have identified these for senior and disabled house holds they think are worthy of this body's review. and especially around access to ten
that serve. and on the election campaigns. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is jamie glen and i represent the 40 days for life in san francisco, and i want to thank you for having this legislation and for meeting with us last week. and as i shared with you before, we are deeply concerned about reports of harassment and intimidation, my husband and i moved here six months ago so i am unfamiliar with the long history, that is described and i have small children myself and so i am not available for every hour of sxwis so i can attest to whatever and while i am doing all of those other moments and i think that if i take a step back and regardless of all of that, i think that it is important to realize that both sides here may are may not have an agenda. that obviously the prolife that life begins at conception and there is a point of view that is not expressed by those who do not hold that same view. >> i appreciate your concerns to balance our first amendment rights, my concern is that again, i wish that i could speak to all that they are kind and approachable, no one is going to t
safety. we encourage you to keep the lawsuit going. and you have an elected humanistic progressive value. we would like to see that continue in the city of san francisco. let me add a little additional information about this issue to the not knowing. we just went through proposition 37 in the state of california. the corporations put up nearly $50 million to defeat the right to know what goes in your mouth. people have a right to know what goes in their ear and the consequences of this. if you fail to keep this going, this lawsuit, you would be denying your humanistic and your progressive values. the people of san francisco would appreciate your awareness, to stop corporate [speaker not understood], corporations have their influence on our evolution. you need to take into consideration your children's children's children for future generations. ~ the impact of this is so critical that the corporations are going to spend a great deal of money to defeat this. they don't want us to know, and why shouldn't we know what is going into our ear, what is going into our human body? i emphasize to
come after them in future elections. they worried the gun lobby would spend a lot of money and paint them as anti-second amendment. >> an angry president surrounded by family members of the newtown victims charging that opponents of gun legislation caved into pressure and look for an excuse to vote no. .ponsored by pat toomey for senate democrats voted with republicans on this. each of whom face reelection next year. will there be any political fallout from this or will it be forgotten by november? >> i think it will. it is a question of intention. i think i saw a poll where gun control is at the bottom of concerns of americans. , people are for gun control. it is not a burning issue in their lives. if they arantiun-control, it -- it is the people that come out and vote. that is why you have the democrats that voted against it. that was the key. there was a lot of resistance from republicans. cost over some that and supported the bill, including john mccain and pat toomey. i think it is understandable. it is a matter of intensity. if you are pro-gun, that is how you vote and that is
their elected officials to get them to take action. >> reporter: ray lahood says the furloughs of air traffic controllers is a dumb idea. now might be a good time to download an airline flight app for your smartphone it won't take much to make a mess of flight schedules. >> one bad storm and that will ruin everything. >> last week we had a bad storm in chicago and that airport came to a near close. that's with everybody in their jobs. >> reporter: everyone in federal government associated with the flight controllers furlough plan seems to be saying it's not my fault. but we vice-president heard anyone say they have a plan to fix it. at zap fran international don knapp can -p i, 5. >>> they are asking a federal court to stop the furlough of air traffic controllers. they say the cuts are compromising the safety and efficiency of the airline industry. >>> checking bay area headlines richmond police are searching for two gunmen who shot and injured a man last night. it happened in the 600 ock of griffin drive around 8:00. police found the victim in his car and they say the man was targeted.
this on time. [ applause ] as an elected official i'm very sympathetic acknowledging other officials, jose cisneros from our treasurer's office and former assembly woman, i would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge our former mayor willie brown and john mayor who has been very supportive. thank you to them as well. i recognize our director, but i think it's important to recognize our board of directors who has been really instrumental in advising this project from a construction standpoint and community standpoint and i want to recognize our directors, art lloyd, gabriel metcalf, director of mta and john, we also have alternate member greg harper, a founding member of the board that will be participating more frequently. i want to thank everyone today. it's been a long process to get here. everyone involved in this project knows. thank you to everyone here. [ applause ] >> i for got to mention that our state senator mark leno has also presented a certificate of recognition to the transbay transit tower. it congratulations on the tower. on this occasion we mark an historic process that will
to appoint him because by our charter we appoint, not elect. the selection committee votes on it and it goes to the board and our board today voted to appoint him, both in the section of our board meeting. it was to afford him the courtesy to talk to his own board and the people he needed to talk to before we could inform our board. and that was unfortunately a time lag of about 6 weeks. and he of course wanted to give proper notice and that's why he will not be officially joining us until june 1st. >> any other questions? okay. well thank you all very much. i hope we'll see you many many times in our press conferences and our dealings with our new director and the great success that i'm sure he will bring for the success here at the fine arts museums. thank you. [ applause ] >>> while i get myself settled, maybe a show of hands. how many already been to see the exhibition? a number of you. first of all let me say good afternoon and first and foremost i would like to thank my colleagues in the education department in the fine arts museum of san francisco for an allowing me to speak today.
running at large. i'm not a great big fond person of district election because i spend so much time trying to figure out what's going on in my district that i don't know what's going on in other parts of the city because it's so much going on in my part of the city. and i'd like to challenge the supervisors, take a walk with me down to valencia and market at that bicycle light and sit there with me like i do sometimes in the afternoon and just actually count the bicyclists that actually use that stop light down there that was put up. i don't know if it's a pilot light or, what but it can be easily moved down to sixth street, sixth and market if that wasn't used correctly. please, i'm more than glad to walk down there with you. i don't have anything to do sometimes. but the gentleman we're talking about earlier about how the library fines and stuff like that, so, muni lets you work off your tickets by volunteering. so, what's the difference in the fines? thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. oh, thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comme
, boyfriend, arrived -- one time my partner, borden, said mickey should do a direct election. i said, why? the designer from the 1980's. he said, yes, but maybe it is could for perfume, things like that. to have an international passport. ok. but deep inside, i know that i should have loved to make one coutoure collection like that. a dream of the elegance of paris. and i remember that i propose -- it was the last new bid of coutoure that arrived. i thought to propose -- [unintelligible] why don't you take one designer like vivian westwood or others to make one season, one coutoure collection? >> you should call some up immediately and suggest the deal. >> [laughs] that is true. each one to make their own collection should not be back. a very attractive idea. >> as you do not want to talk about art, we will not say your work is art. let's be very vulgar and talk about money. [laughter] it is extraordinary what you have produced in coutoure. does that make any money? quick to be honest, what we produce in coutoure does not make money but it does include money. i must say, i am very proud o
probation department and controller's office. and we have elected officials that introduced them. the public utility commission and rec and park department, mta, department of building inspection, the health department. and san francisco public housing authority. department of emergency management. department of public works. office of small business and mayor's office of disability. we have a number of officials from the san francisco police department who are here as well. that's all i have. we look forward to hear from you. >> okay. if you have comment cards and they are ready, can you just hold them up. we have our team that will grab your cards. please hold them up. at this time we will have representatives from two district 10 organizations, daphne mcnowel and stacy bartnet and the asian community center, david chan. if you could come to the microphone. >> hi-- okay. good evening, my name ir daphne mcnowle, and this is stacy barltlet. we are parents at daniel webster and petrillo hill. we are here to talk to you about supporting efforts to keep families in san francisco. it's well docu
as iraqi elections approach. >>> remember those ricin letters sent to the president and the u.s. senator from mississippi? they arrested a former elvis impersonator who once performed at an event for the senator. >>> last week we learned 787s will be cleared for takeoff again. the faa approved boeing's plan to fix the battery problem that created a fire risk. >>> we learned last week superstorm sandy actually moved the earth along the east coast. sensors designed to measure such things say the storm's wave action shook the earth's crust as it rearranged the contours of the coastline. we lost major figures last week. pat summerall, among the very best sports casters of all time, also a top flight player in the nfl in his day. and al neuharth died. he created usa today. we had never seen a national newspaper before. we had certainly never seen it in all color. it was instantly branded mcpaper for its simplicity, but it has remained and it survives its creator. al neuharth, dead at 89. >>> meantime, back in boston, it was a great weekend. the city was open again. and in boston that means th
responsible citizens that are driven out by the attacks on the affordable rents. and we elect our supervisors with the hope that they have the wisdom and the vision to preserve the city that is loved by citizens and also others all over the world. >> today we ask you to be the supervisors for the true, san francisco. not the supervisors for the real estate speculators. preserve the essence of san francisco, and keep our city diverse, and by stopping the loss of affordable rent and support the amended legislation, thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> members of the board, i am with the china town community development center and i want to speak to a couple of the issues that supervisor ferrell raised and address the issues that was raised. first off with respect to the ten-year, minimum suspension, the reason that we need the suspension is because we need to cool out this market. the purpose is not related to the number of converted units. we need the suspension, even if there were no converted units. we need the testimony earlier today by tenants who are being evicted and the seniors
the departments and elected officials. i want to thank everyone. it's been an intense night. we got a lot of feedback and a lot of viewpoints. we have to continue working hard. we will be doing our best. and please again feel welcome to give us your input and keep working with us. that's the most important thing of these town hall meetings, we need your input and we will do our best. and keep working with us. thank you very much. good night. (music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacul
. you talk about reaching policy makers and politician and elected officials, how do we reach them? you can be the best lawyer in the world, but if you don't have an investigator and you don't have the resources you are not going to be able to do a competent job. i understand that we can train individual defenders to be better defenders but how do we get those resources? >> how do we get the resources? there is not one answer to this question. i absolutely agree with karen and don that these stories move people and we have to use these stories in books and movies to get legislators who are human beings to recognize that there is a real injustice out there. i think we need to push for more funds and more resources. i think all of that is really important. the piece we bring to it is in the meantime our lawyers represent 300 people a year. the most common call i get from a lawyer, they say, i understand what my clients deserve and i can't give it to them and i think i need to quit. i i can't do what you all do. i tell them about a book i read called freedom summer about the summer projec
to what this experiment would look like. to make a product of the discretionary act by those elected. so goes with that experiment the tentativeness of what this commitment would actually be. why is why -- which is why i would like to see what the mayor's office and board of supervisors to look at those forms of discipline and what they look like to us. >> i recognize the fear -- and i think it's a fear, not even a concern that professor simon has creating an assessment tool that can be manipulated for low-level offenses or drug offenses that can end up like the impact much like we have today with the commercial bail system. but i believe there is a way that we can create validated risk assessment tools that would look at the areas of concern. whether we are talking about the likelihood for reoffending in a violent way or the likelihood of not showing up in court. i think there are systems in place that show a tremendous amount of promise. and we can continue to go down that path to create that tool to avoid to the greatest extent possible picking on those things that frankly large peop
elected 20 female senators to congress in november, a record. the white house says that the dinner is part of the effort to improve lines of communication with congress and lay the ground work for future compromise. the president had dinner with senate democrats last weekend with senate republicans before that to discuss various issues. >> town leaders in california want someone to pay their expenses for a presidential visit. president obama attended fundraisers in atherton and they spent $5,000 on police overtime and now they want reimbursement. they are sending bills to the white house and the democratic national committee and the two people who hosted the president. they admit that chances of getting any money is slim. by comparison the san francisco spent $42,000 on the last presidential visit. >> this morning, contra costa built officials will spray insecretary side to handle the mosquito problem in the eastern part of the county starting at 5:30 a.m. until 6:30 a.m. fours say there is a high concentration of mosquitoes in the area and they do not carry disease such as west nile virus
as engaging in dialogues with you elected officials with planning staff, with transportation and, staff. again there are two essential pieces that were integrated. and the job strategy and the transportation strategy. i would like to give you a few highlights of how it is growing and how the plan attempts to address this growth trends. over all these numbers are you might have seen them before, 1.1 million jobs into the region, and 2.1 million people and 660,000 new units and as you see, san francisco is taking on a major responsibility in terms of jobs and housing. in terms of the transient kind of what explains the role of san francisco, is the lead of the knowledge-based activities and it is not just the knowledge-based but it is the integration of the knowledge based core functions with other sectors including health and education and leisure and hospitality and this diverse economy what it is giving the regional economy a strength and it is not growing at the same pace that we have seen in previous decades but it is a healthy growth over the next three decades. there is a high expectation
respectful of the elected for body that oversees city college and up until this point have not said much , about what is happening but it is getting to a point where people that i represent as a member of the county board of supervisors are contacting me and tell me about how they are being impacted by what is happening at city college. and unfortunately, many of them, right or wrong, believe that the current structure including the role of the board of trustees has vis-à-vis the trustees, that the current structure is not providing enough of a process for the community to actually be heard in terms of their concerns. and when it reaches that point, then i do think that it is appropriate for this body to consider stepping in and providing some perspective. when i was working for the school district, i was very protective of the fact that the school district was a separate government entity and it had its own authority and jurisdiction and i want to respect that here. but just like i think it is appropriate for the board of education to pass a resolution on whether or not we should have
them in future elections and so they caved to the pressure. and they started looking for an excuse, any excuse for vote no. >> the measure had 54 yes votes but it needed 60 to beat a republican filibuster. five democrats also opposed the plan. both california senators voted in favor. >>> coming up, we'll continue our coverage of the latest on that huge explosion in texas that leveled entire blocks and the danger may not be over yet. >>> boys accused of sexually assaulting a bay area classmate. why the school skies it could not expel them. >> let the field trips begin again. ,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. hundreds more are hurt aftea massive explosion at a texas fertilizer plant. it happened about 5 hours a >>> dozens are feared dead, hundreds more hurt after a massive explosion at a texas fertilizer plant. it happened abo
passengers will be inconveniences and they will call their elected officials to get them to take action. >> reporter: even the secretary of transportation says the furloughs of air traffic controller says dumb idea saying it is a meat axe approach to budgeting. now might be a good time to download an airline flight app to your sphort phone. tell not take much to make a mess. >> all it takes is one bad storm and it will ruin everything. last week a bad storm in tkh-g and that airport came to a near close. and that is with everybody in their jobs. >> reporter: it seems like everybody in government is saying it is not my fault and nobody is making an effort to do anything about it. >> typical. so, we know the airlines are fighting back. trying to stop the furloughs, but what exactly are they doing, do you know? >> reporter: well, one thing we know is they filed a federal lawsuit at a washington, d.c. federal court asking that the furloughs be stopped. they said it will be dangerous to the industry and expensive to the economy. but, we will see how far that goes. >> don, thank you. >>> m
of the matter is we have a lot of people, 62% of the people come out and vote during presidential elections. " in terms of the number of people who are involved, that number is pretty small. tavis: i digress on that. i hope you're wrong about how this will end up. let's spend some time on the budget. the good news is there will be a lot of debate on this in the coming weeks. hope to have you back to talk more about this budget as it advances. let's take a few minutes to talk about what it means that this cuttingas the president social security, it has the president cutting medicare, you and a few other members of congress delivered almost 2.9 5,000,002 measures to the white house just days ago saying do not do this. yet the white house did anyway. what is your read tonight on the budget? >> the think the president has made a huge mistake in terms of public policy. the most important economic reality facing america today is the middle class is disappearing and we got a heck of a lot of people living in poverty. the wealthiest 1% are doing phenomenally well. mind is unconscionable to do what
that even if they get in ngo work they should be involved in election work. a big part of the last last, for example, was turned by people part of vast social networks that operated in the real world, too. this campaign was the highest point yet in our politics in america on the democratic side of using the social networks to activate people who worked door to door face to face with people. >> stephen: i understand that you don't use all of the internet. you don't e-mail, you don't facebook, you are not pinteresting. >> i do facebook. >> stephen: do you tweet? >> no, i think i'm insecure like it's -- you know, what if you tweet and nobody tweets back? what if you tweet and you have -- if you are -- there's nothing worse than a friendless tweeter. you are wandering around in cyberspace. i do a lot of -- i text with my family and with two my chief of staff on my cell phone. that's about it. you have to understand, when i became president there was no e-mail. then e-mail was largely interoffice. >> stephen: how did you communicate? >> telephone, snail mail. blah blah. what happened was. af
racism ended when we elected the first black president but it turns out he was just the opening act. because this song has united all americans not just black and white but latino, asian, muslim, pacific islander, inuit. all of us to join our voices as one and declare: this song sucks! ( cheers and applause ) i've got to say, this level of unifying suckage has inspired me to write my own awful song... ( cheers and applause ) ... in the hopes of bridging another deep cultural rift in america: the gay marriage divide. so tonight i'd like to present a song i'm calling "oopsy daisy homo phone." jim-it. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ to the man stretching next to me ♪ ♪ at the crunch gym down on main ♪ ♪ i hope you understand ♪ when i told you "god hates fags" the only thing i meant to say is i'm a skynyrd fan ♪ ♪ hey, mr. straight man, i wish you understand what it's like to live in the world when you look this good ♪ ♪ it don't make me a freak that i run six times a week i'd love to buy you a mojito, gossip and clear the air ♪ ♪ but i see your show each night and i t
millions of dollars to get elected to a legislative body known as the senate are making the argument there's really no point in making laws because criminals are just going to end up breaking them. ( laughter ). hey, man, let me ask you a question, to all the people in the senate-- ( applause ) "do your doors have locks on them?" because my guess is most criminals don't go, "ohey, everybody. locked." ( laughter ) and you know if these senators were consistent in their fundamental assertion that evil cannot be legislatorre legislat, i would disagree with them but i would not have the same disdain for them. there are situation where's the exact same people are much more willing to infringe upon constitutional freedoms through the power of legislation. >> we need new techniques in the wake of 9/11 in order to protect us. >> it's very important that we continue to give our law enforcement community every tool they need to protect americans. >> the authority given to the f.b.i. is a necessary change in our laws to combat the war on terror. >> the capabilities it needed to detect and deter terro
because they elect these crazy people. look it's a beautiful state. you put o'malley in there. you wanted o'malley. now she taxing the rain. next week he is going to tax the sun. [ laughter ] >> bill: you monica, have a beef with president obama paying 18%? >> two things. first of all. >> bill: it's 43 combo. >> waited a minute. he takes aggressive deductions which is what all americans do but his talk about paying your fair share never pays one cent nor. >> bill: we don't know any politicians that do that. he has paid a lot of money to charity. >> two points. number one in terms of charity, that is nice, i'm glad he does it. he should be voluntarily setting an example bumping up his contributions --. >> bill: i like the charity thing. >> money we pay in taxes is percentage of how much money we make is lower that is spent since 1955. >> bill: there is more money coming in to the feds than ever before. >> that is not the issue. you are complaining about people paying too much in taxes. we are paying less in taxes than we paid in decades. >> bill: because there is more individual taxes. you
in vietnam and trying to end it, first as an activist and then as an -- actually an elected leader in my county. and i think about how many people died in the ten-year war of vietnam, and it's a little bit more than 50,000 in a ten-year period, and it turned our country upside-down, upside-down. i have to tell you, i lived through it. generation against generation. it was a very, very tough time in this nation. people lost faith in the country. it was tough. and yet we have 31,000 people killed every year in america, and it's something we all kind of just say okay, that's terrible, but we don't do anything about it. but we are about to do something about it. that is very important, i think, and it may not be everything that i would want to do, given my history on this issue, but i will say if we can move forward with sensible background checks -- and i thank senators manchin and toomey so much, so much for their work on this -- and we can do something about straw purchasers and we can do something about making our schools safer which i am pleased to say i wrote the legislation that's in
as a citizen, not just an elected official, more confident in our capacity to prevent, not just respond to, a disaster. >> newsome and lee are also stressing to everyone, if you see something that looks suspicious, don't ignore it. instead, they're urging you to call authorities. >>> the boston bombings triggered an outpouring of support from the running community. they staged a run for boston last night. during yesterday's event, runners took a route through the sunset district that spelled out the word boston. we've mapped it out for you here in yellow. many of the club's members ran in this week's boston marathon. all came home safe. >>> investigators have yet to name a suspect or announce any arrests. many have theories about who is responsible for the bombings. fox news asked americans, who is more likely responsible for the boston marathon bombing? 62% said homegrown terrorists. 26% said islamic terrorists and 19% said they were unsure. as for who poses a greater risk to the u.s., more than half said homegrown terrorists. the poll was taken yesterday, one day after the bombings. >>>
elected first female president at the white house next month. they will observe the 60th anniversary of the alliance between the u.s. and south korea. also high on their agenda, efforts to counter the nuclear threat posed by north korea. >>> in venezuela, demand for a recount in the presidential election. ballots were ignored leading to an anti-government protest. the election results were certified. the winner by a razor thin margin less than one percentage point hand-picked by president late hugo chavez to carry on the separatist union. >>> following the boston bombings, scotland yard is beefing up the already extraordinary security measures they already put in place for margaret thatcher's funeral tomorrow. hundreds of military troops will be visible along the procession route through the streets of london. and with so many dignitaries that are expected to attend shortstops, including queen elizabeth and former prime minister, scotland yard is fine tuning its behind the scenes security operation as well. >>> all right. when wall street opens this morning, traders will be trying to
Search Results 250 to 299 of about 581 (some duplicates have been removed)